Womens suffrage thesis

Throughout American history gender inequality has been a prevalent, ongoing, concern.

womens suffrage in the 1900s

The suffrage movement grew larger in the years following the Civil War. Rynder, Constance. Street speaking, pageants, and parades were some of their more eye-catching actions. Her father Edward Burns believed that women should have an education and that they should work to improve the society.

Introduction I.

19th amendment

Postcard Archive. They were expected to care for the home and family. As a matter of fact, this convention initiated and set the notion of women 's enfranchisement into motion. Sure the right to vote is one that should always have been afforded to women, but might the pro-movement arguments needed a bit of propaganda to gain the support of the public at large? Until the fairly recent , women and men were held so different they were not even allowed to cast their ballots for the president of the United States. Stanton effectively started the fight that would last about 70 years. Capitol and Senate office buildings. The rights of women have never been equal to those of men. Suffrage organizations formed to carry out a variety of tactics. The questions before you are the very questions I intend to have answered while researching this subject. Women were not encouraged to obtain a formal education nor purse a career. Another man said he thought it would be a good advertisement for the territory. For thousands of years, many people have believed that women were beneath men, and that men were superior.

The Times always emphasized its adherence to educated public opinion; and even when its editorial shift did come, it seemed only to emphasize continuing reflection of this opinion and recognition of the trends acting upon it.

Prior to this it was only men who were permitted to vote.

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Essay #3: The Nineteenth Amendment (U.S. National Park Service)