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Closer to home, a recent study of Denis in this regard has revealed shocking and distressing realities in the decline of family life in a large sector of the South African society. Some citizens will do the actual fighting, but others will contribute by treating the wounded, developing weapons, taking care of children, sending care packages to soldiers, rationing essential resources, and so on.

The political bond is prior to their private interests in a certain way, so the political relationship may sometimes require citizens to set their private interests aside in order to act collectively to maintain the relevant social conditions.

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From this perspective, individual rights can be infringed upon if doing so helps meet the interests and needs of the majority. These demands concern above all the commitment to peace, the organization of the State's powers, a sound juridical system, the protection of the environment, and the provision of essential services to all, some of which are at the same time human rights: food, housing, work, education and access to culture, transportation, basic health care, the freedom of communication and expression, and the protection of religious freedom[].

In addition to this observation, Calvin refers to the biblical doctrine of humankind's creation in the image of God imago dei. Social Conditions that Promote the Common Good But instead of trying to impose the good life on people, an exercise with often sorry consequences, the Church offers what it considers to be the social conditions that give people and groups who want to pursue the good life the ability to do so.

Imagine a world with seven billion complete individualists, all living in perfect isolation, none of whom can communicate with each other, help each other, fall in love with each other: no spouses, no friends, no families, no children.

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Even in a well-designed arrangement, circumstances are likely to arise where social institutions do not provide people with an adequate private incentive to act in a publicly oriented way. A joint activity conception defines the privileged class of common interests as interests that members have in taking part in a complex activity that involves all or most members of the community. To explain this idea, the metaphor of concentric circles can be utilised. Consider the case of friendship. In the next part of this article three challenging topics are highlighted in this respect. As part of civil society they are in an excellent position to raise awareness of the need for rural development and to motivate civil society to become active in seeing to the needs of rural communities. Nonetheless, it is worth stressing that a welfare consequentialist account of political morality may incorporate a conception of the common good as part of a more specific account of the ethical obligations of citizens in public life. Rawls, J. From the standpoint of her own self-interest, she should not spray her lawn: If the other residents spray their lawns, she would get the benefit without paying the cost. According to Tomasi, Hayek is no exception , p. So, in effect, political morality directs you to think and act from the standpoint of a shared concern for common interests.

Due to shared values emanating from natural law, churches can cooperate with civil society to pursue a certain cause based on shared convictions. This amounts to saying that a basically just order exists when a capitalist market economy is founded on a legal and institutional framework that guarantees the rule of law and a fair regime of property rights, and refrains from redistribution with the aim of correcting the distributional outcomes of the market process.

On his view, citizens should take an active interest in the public affairs of their community and social institutions should be designed to generate this pattern of motivation among citizens.

Many philosophers argue that our relation to our fellow citizens has similar features. Furthermore, women are the victims of poverty more often than men due to migrant labour and joblessness of their male companions.

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