The renaissance in england

The most notable printing of Shakespeare's plays, however, came seven years after he died when two of his friends and colleagues collected the thirty-six plays attributed to him along with his poetry and printed this complete works in a folio now referred to as Shakespeare's First Folio The renaissance was a time of rebirth.

In the late 's or early 90's Shakespeare found himself in London, a city that was expanding in size and was developing new businesses.

He criticised the unnecessary rituals, the sale of pardon paper etc. Philosophers and intellectuals included Thomas More and Francis Bacon.

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Philosophers and intellectuals included Thomas More and Francis Bacon. For instance, the great religious upheaval, the Protestant Reformation, had occurred well before Shakespeare was born when first in Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Germany declared his independence from the Catholic Church, and later in when Henry VIII declared England's independence from Rome.

Shakespeare is an imaginative writer not a philosopher or an ideologue. England had come late to the exploration and exploitation party following Portugal, Spain, and France. In part because of Drake and other overt acts of piracy by the English against the Spanish, Spain mounted a major assault against the English in an attempt to seriously damage their shipping and stop the piracy.

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English Renaissance Literature