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His wife and friends of course think he is crazy, and instead of allowing him to continue his intercourse with the familiar spirit, they persuade :him he is ill, and make him take medicine. When his father went bankrupt, Anton became financially responsible for his family, writing vignettes about Russian street life to support his family while also pursuing a medical degree. That wonderful actress, Madame Komisarzhevskaya, who was lately followed to her grave by an immense concourse of weeping Russians, gave a performance of The Cherry Garden which stirred the whole nation. Chekhov is known for writing many emotionally attached stories, but his writing of Lady with Lapdog was close to his heart because Chekhov shared a similar experience to the main character of Gurov along his own love Raissa tries to remain calm with her husband, but she eventually refuses to hold in her feelings. A pattern of destruction and upheaval of the old establishment followed with the systematic elimination of all properties, belongings, records and archives connected with the upper classes and aristocracy. Chekhov is also saying how the realists do show life as it is but in such a way that makes you think beyond what you see which is the part that holds your interest. He first views Anna as weak but something in her he likes. Born in , he started writing during a critical time for authors of his kind - those that focused on the most practical details of actual human life through writing, the people who expressed their realistic outlooks on the world as they knew it without holding back. As the title states, the play is set in a cherry orchard. The fear of death, which to an intensely intellectual people like the Russians, is an obsession of terror, and shadows all their literature,—it appears all through Tolstoi's diary and novels,—is analysed in many forms by Chekhov. After you no one can travel this road.

The ending, never stated, is implicit in the frustration, nostalgia, loneliness, pretension, or despair of the story s one brief moment selected from a life to illuminate it in its entirety. One explanation for this surprise could be that the narrator thought it to be the end of his life and wanted some emotional confessions before dying.

After their continuous rides every other day, Nadia probably gets sick of his company and goes to the hill alone. For a year he worked in a hospital in a small town near Moscow, and in he freely offered his medical services during an epidemic of cholera.

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The characters desires are most about success; they desire success in love and art. In the short sketch An Event the children are wild with delight over the advent of three kittens, and cannot understand their father's disgust for the little beasts, and his cruel indifference to their welfare. In his short stories he relies on characterization to make his points about a character in few words. In a play The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov demonstrates many themes including childishness, clinging to the past, and hypocrisy of humans. They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. He is not extremely happy with his family life so he likes to have small affairs to get away from it. Madame Nazimova has said that Chekhov is her favourite writer, but that his plays could not possibly succeed in America, unless every part, even the minor ones, could be interpreted by a brilliant actor. Come with me, darling, and come away from here. The theme is about a strange beginning of love between Mrs. I bless you! It demonstrated that love changes all things it touches. You know on how the story is set in the end, and that brings to mind feelings such as frustration, nostalgia etc. Chekhov is also saying how the realists do show life as it is but in such a way that makes you think beyond what you see which is the part that holds your interest. The Cherry Orchard encompasses and embodies characters and themes that are relevant to modern times such as social change, mid-life regrets, and hope that the next generation will go out into the world, make a difference, and create a better and more prosperous life for themselves On rare occasions, a tale mirrors real life in such a way that one is strangely comforted by the normalcy reflected in the words.

Popov and Smirnov. In the tale, Chekhov had Laptev telling his wife: He [his father] used to thrash me with a birch, pull my ears, and hit me on the head… We had to go to morning service and to early mass Anton Chekhov, born in Taganrog, Russia on January 17,was considered the father of the modern short story and modern play.

His innate modesty and lack of self-assertion made him very slow at personal advertisement, and his dislike of Tolstoi's views prevented at first an acquaintance with the old sage. Contrary to theatrical or modern conceptions of slavery, the contract between a serf and their owner could be dismissed on the grounds of buying your freedom.

But he is a faithful interpreter of Russian life, and although his art was objective, one cannot help feeling the essential goodness of the man behind his work, and loving him for it. Where there is no vision, the people perish. The kittens must have a father, so the children drag out the wooden rocking-horse, and place him beside his wife and offspring.

They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. At the beginning of the story Anton Chekhov sets the environment for the story. The na?

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