Exploratory research paper example

We would recommend having at least three main body paragraphs to improve the clarity of the issue: it will give you enough space to elaborate on the issue. Testing the hypothesis and answering the research questions are the goals of formal studies B.

exploratory research example

Will nanotechnology really help us clean up the environment? It provides information on how the business is performing in the market.

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Does the paper give enough evidence for each position? Rauf is the Imam leader in prayer at the current New York City mosque just a few blocks away from the proposed location of the future mosque. Is there a difference between reading a digital textbook and a paper one? Do the question and the three positions match up? In an exploratory paper, you are asked to look beyond the obvious answers in order to find other points of view which can sometimes help in solving the problem. Get More Samples. Policy question. Part Two: Three or More Positions on the Issue For each of the three or more positions, you need to write a separate paragraph. Whereas the inquiry essay introduced you to a debate by looking at one argument a time, the exploratory essay asks you to widen your vision to the whole conversation. Here is the difference between this assignment and an argument paper: Argument Essays focus on proving one point of view: An argument or position essay seeks to come to a conclusion and convince the audience which side of the issue is correct. How does divorce affect children? The body paragraphs should explain the research or inquiry process you followed when researching the topic. The interpretation of the findings of exploratory research study often results into hypotheses for experimental research and as such interpretation is involved in the transition from exploratory to experimental research. Problem Statement What are the problems, professional women face while working in educational sector Govt. Here you can find good exploratory essay examples.

Will advanced technologies like driverless cars or super fast vacuum trains be the answer to the environmental crisis? People tend to disapprove of some manifestations of this desire, saying that it is often inordinate, that it makes a person think that he needs something he in fact simply wants, that it leads to unhappiness and grief for both the person in question and those around him.

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High-Tech sports technology equipment causes slower games. In an exploratory paper, you are asked to look beyond the obvious answers in order to find other points of view which can sometimes help in solving the problem. What should we do with embryos left over from in-vitro fertilization?

Experience Surveys Case Analysis Secondary Data Analysis Experiments Which of the following examples from the case if any are forms of exploratory research?

Exploratory research paper example

Exploratory papers take note of the varying audiences or people who might have an interest in the issue and hope to explore each different outlook while also making mention of any common grounds that might exist. This part contains the points for your main thought and against it. Just state some existing opinions. Here you should explore your topic and the ways in which people talk about it. The broad and vague problems are divided into small and precise statements. Purpose: The exploratory essay builds on the inquiry essay by having you look at and contribute to a range of arguments rather than just one at a time. By looking at three or more viewpoints, you can get a better understanding of the different audiences for an issue and better understand how a solution or compromise might be developed. Does the advent of E-readers mean the end of libraries? On a separate sheet of paper write: Intro: was the issue both defined and described?

Rather than trying to solve the problem, this sort of paper explores the different perspectives of the problem and seeks to understand the cultural and social context of the issue.

What are the different positions they hold? A descriptive research design b.

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay With Sample Papers