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Many literary works discuss this physical-psychological bond, but none is as perfect and profound as Edgar Allan Poe.

VG Nett ed.

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Although the narrator views the eye as an evil presence, he fails to see that the eye symbolizes himself, the true evil power in the story Suddenly, a new aspect draws hisattention. While some individuals may feel that themes are merely add-on elements in similar tales, this analysis will establish quite the contrary.

The best stories that survive throughout time involve death in one form or another.

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Poe suggests the narrator is insane by the narrator's claims of sanity, the narrator's actions bring out the narrative irony of the story, and the narrator is insane according to the definition of insanity as it applies to "The Tell Tale Heart".

His mysterious style of writing greatly appeals to me. Collectively, the story was published several times during Poe's life The man serves as the narrator in this story and describes to readers in detail as he carefully stalks the man, kills him and hides his body under his floorboards after he cuts him up.

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