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There is a plethora of Bora Bora activities on offer, from sunrise to sunset. Avoid the peak season, July and August, to stave off crowd and high prices on hotels and airfare. Nafplio is a little harbor town a couple of hours away from Athens. Most newly-weds come to Bora Bora when the island is slightly cooler with low humidity, between June and October. I normally tend to avoid superlatives, but Raja Ampat truly deserves them. We bring you the top 7 most exotic honeymoon destinations that will turn your celebration into a lasting memory. It was even selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in Yes, we spent a couple of days on Santorini but the highlight of our honeymoon was actually Athens and day tripping from Athens. No jet lag and an overnight flight meant that South Africa was a perfect choice.

Imagine golden, red and even black sand beaches stretching for miles and crystal clear waves of the Pacific rolling to your feet. This means you are guaranteed your own privacy in paradise, on a pristine, white sandy beach! Is your mouth watering thinking about barbecue?

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We went in November, but as long as you avoid the rainy season, weather is going to be pretty good to work with. New York City is an awesome spot to celebrate life and love.

Splurge on one of the top hotels in the world, Post Ranch Innor go rustic in a treehouse at Treebones.

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Images such as champagne glasses clinking with Place Vendome and the original Chanel Boutique in the background while sitting on the Cambon side of the Ritz, better known as Hemingway Bar. Fiji also has the perfect blend of relaxation and activities, so you can make your honeymoon what you want it to be.

It is easy to see why, after all. Vincent and the Grenadines that is the recipient of new direct flights from Miami, marking its emerging nature.

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We took our first trip to Iceland in the Fall of and have been dying to go back ever since. There are many options to fill your days during your honeymoon in Dubai. Anyone else feel that way about their wedding?! With countless companies getting into luxury safaris , you can make the most of wild landscapes and off-the-beaten-path destinations without having to give up the comforts of a plush bed. One place we went to and loved was in Indonesia. Go snorkeling to explore the ocean and on a jeep tour to see the rest of the island. It was a very fine honeymoon indeed.

Better yet, there are the vignettes of umbrellas opened near the quay as you stroll to the Notre Dame de Paris on a rainy day. We bring you the top 7 most exotic honeymoon destinations that will turn your celebration into a lasting memory. Then, escape the sights and sounds of the city with a dreamy boat ride to one of the unspoiled islands nearby.

The rugged central coast should be high on the list of those who appreciate the great outdoors.

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Regardless of claims it has no culture, the capital of New South Wales has great dining, lots of activity and natural beauty to spare, which makes for about a hundred stunning romantic settings.

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