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Since Starbucks does not indulge in much of traditional advertising, the emphasis on coffee is present mostly in its outlets only.

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While still early in the evolution of this service, Starbucks hyper-personalized e-mail reward offerings — with more thanvariations — have more than doubled customer response rates over previous segmented email campaigns, translating into increased customer engagement and, importantly, accelerated spend.

Starbucks acknowledges that that there are a number of changes that have to accompany such as objective otherwise it will be soon washed down the drains.

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Tea and cocoa sourced by Starbuck is also monitored to ensure ethical standards. Starbucks had a strategy where it did a research on the customers and found the birth dates of the clients.

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These activities include selection, training, development, compensation and appraisal Duening and Ivancevich 5. Team work is an essential part of employee motivation as well as an element of organisation.

Relevant innovation has become fundamental to unlocking the lunch daypart and building on existing breakfast daypart momentum, giving the company the ability to realize additional profitability and incremental sales.

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For example, Starbucks in my opinion could introduce latte Easter eggs during Easter season, so that again during Easter season it results in a buying spree from the customers thus ringing loud the cash registers. Starbucks Marketing Tactics The main target market for the Starbucks are the clients who are ranging from the professionals, tourist and business people to college students and university students. Seven attributes of marketing mix are highlighted as prices, products, promotions, processes, places, physical environs and people. Decisions are made and work assignments done in a team to promote the spirit of community and team work which is a core value of Starbuck. Further the ethics campaign extends to the procurement of store products such as aprons, shelves and tables. I personally feel though there should be more done on this aspect. Owing to this, Starbucks has been able to open more coffee shops in several countries and regions as it introduces its services and products to their international market. Starbucks can also widen such seasonal offerings by diversifying into non-religious celebrations too. Starbucks should leverage more on this as a sense of urgency is created among the customers to pick up a seasonal product. The style of leadership in an organisation is a determinant of staff morale and is key to effective communication Wanish pars Marketing communication translates to building a demand for the goods and services. Organization and Control Managerial organization is the process of grouping organisational activities and forming the relationships of authority among them Kuttyta par. In certain stores outside the continental United States however, Starbucks is a joint venture partner. Tea and cocoa sourced by Starbuck is also monitored to ensure ethical standards. On the product front here, Starbucks needs to look beyond its existing range of Tazo teas alone and concentrate on much higher quality tea of which there is no dearth.

Thus there is no harm in populating its menus further with more non coffee beverages that would convert more sections of population into the Starbucks fold.

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Strategic Map of Starbucks Coffee Company